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How to Order


When ordering fabric yardage type the number of yards desired in the quantity box. Fractions are allowed when typed as decimals. Please use the fractions listed below typed as a decimal. Minimum order is a quarter [0.25] yard unless stated otherwise. Please note the Fat Quarter Option is by default set to "no" for yardage and normal quarter yard cuts.

Common Fractions

1/8 = 0.125   1/4 = 0.25   1/3 = 0.333
3/8 = 0.375   1/2 = 0.5   5/8 = 0.625
2/3 = 0.667   3/4 = 0.75   7/8 = 0.875

Panel Prints

Panel prints are sold as whole panels. Enter the number of whole panels you would like to order.

Directional Prints - Right Side Up with the Selvages on the Sides

Most allover prints which are directional are right side up with the selvages on the sides. This works well for lots of projects including clothing, curtains, and often backings. However, it can be more challenging for pillowcases made the traditional way . Keeping the design right side up usually requires a little more fabric. (Panels, stripes and picture/border stripes may go either way and for those we state in the description which way is right side up.) Please contact us with your questions.

Fat Quarters

A fat quarter is approximately 18 x 22 inches. We will gladly cut fat quarters of most fabrics except fabrics on clearance for $6 or less, panels, or other fabrics not suitable. To order a fat quarter: choose Yes in the Option Box and enter 0.25 in the Quantity Box.  The Fat Quarter Option will show above the Quantity Box if it is available for a fabric. Please contact us with your questions.