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Why Choose Us

Sewing for Kids is Fun for Sewists, Crafters and Quilters! Kids love the feel of fabric and the wonderful colors and designs. It's so easy to make a cuddly blankee, something to play with or something useful.

What We Do To Make It Easier for You.

Top Quality Fabric
Free Shipping on US Orders $75 & Over
Custom Cut Fat Quarters
Orders are Sent Complete or We Contact You
Reasonable International Shipping Rates
Snippets Available
Accurate Web Images
Mobile Site is Easy to Use.
Need Help?  Email or Call Us!

Lots of Panels are Available for Fun Projects!

Here are some ideas and there are many more.
Fun Fabric Books
Cuddly Quilts
Delightful Dolls
Wall Hangings

Fabric Quality

At Ethelbird & Eliza Kids we sell new premium quality fabric from manufacturers who use high quality greige (pronounced "gray") goods and processes to create fine products. Quality threads, dyes, printing processes with high quality screens and engravings, and finishing techniques make the difference in the better quality fabrics. Additionally higher thread count produces a silkier hand. Talented designers create wonderful prints in many gorgeous colors.

Information About Image Color

We try very hard to make sure the colors in our photos give an accurate view of what the fabrics look like. However, many variables cause colors on monitors to vary. Different monitors and individual monitor settings as well as different browsers (Mac, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc) can vary in the way colors look. If you have questions about the color of fabrics please contact us. We will send you a snippet if you need.